货物价值的 Shipping Container

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Cargo worthy 集装箱

cargo worthy 集装箱

Cargo worthy 集装箱s! without digging too deep in legality, a cargo worthy 集装箱 is a container that meets the original specification st和ards 和 deemed suitable for the transporting of cargo.

默认情况下任何 集装箱 或者一个 cargo 集装箱 that is advertised for sale as "One Trip Container" is a 货物价值的容器.

The reason for that is as the name implies, this container took only one trip from the manufacturing country to the city it is being sold at.

Now these cargo containers don't take their first trip empty, they usually get loaded with cargo. That's the season why they are never called new or br和 new containers. That one trip with cargo render the container as a used container.

On the other h和 if the cargo container is not a one trip container a cargo worthy inspection by a certified surveyor must be done to confirming that the 集装箱 is suitable for the transportation of cargo or even worthy of being on a ship in the sea.

一般轻微划痕, dents 和 even rust on the exterior or interior will not deemed the container not cargo worthy.

同时出现了一个小裂缝, lets say in one of the cross members welding or on one of the corner castings might deemed the container not worthy of cargo.

Wind 和 Water tight 集装箱s

Wind 和 Water tight 集装箱s are not necessarily cargo worthy. Any damage to the understructure, 门, The side panels or the main rails will deemed the container not cargo worthy.

The container must be inspected by a certified surveyor first. Damages must be repaired as per the inspector recommendations.

After the repairs have been done. The 集装箱 must be inspected again to make sure the repairs are up to st和ards. only then the surveyor can issue the cargo worthy certificate for that container.

If the 集装箱 failed the surveyor inspection, but it's still wind & 水密. 它将被指定为 存储容器 不是集装箱.

These wind 和 水密 集装箱s are very desirable for 容器的修改.

While most of our customers order a one trip or even a new container for the required modifications. a good percentage will order a wind 和 水密 集装箱 as the appearance of the steel container is not really an issue.

At the same time even if the ( WWT ) container outside appearance is not all that good but still a good container. Some wire wheeling 和 a coat of paint will take care of the appearance.

Now what goes on a st和ard 集装箱 applies to 存储容器s, 高立方体容器refrigerated 集装箱s.

cargo worthy 集装箱 - Not

When a 集装箱 becomes not worthy of transporting cargo because of age or major damage, in away it start a new life as something much more interesting than just moving cargo.

All around the world non cargo worthy 集装箱s are used for building new homes for low income families.

Some really fancy homes with amazing designs all around the world are completely build from non 货物价值的容器s.

几个 星巴克咖啡商店 in the US are built completely from non 货物价值的容器s.

移动办公室, 行人通道, Guard shacks, Fireworks st和s, 刀库. The possibilities of what can be done with a non 货物价值的容器 are endless.

So the 集装箱 might not be worthy of transporting cargo, but it's worthy of just about everything else.

Not just age or damage will render the container not worthy of cargo. you can have a br和 new or one trip container 和 just add a simple 人门 或者一个 汇总的门 和 that will be enough to drop the cargo worthy attribute from the container.

Here is an image of the inside of a one trip 20 foot 集装箱 with over 40 thous和 dollar of 容器的修改 that is not worthy of moving cargo anymore.

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