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的re is no doubt shipping containers are tough. Built tough from weathering corrugated steel, these incredible building blocks of international trade are designed to withstand stacking, 填料和捆扎.

的y are build to be used over and over again. 的re is an estimate of over 18 million of these containers floating, riding and flying around the Earth today. Not including the lost at sea cargo containers.

Today these containers have been revamped to contain a more precious cargo, people.

平均大小 is going to be roughly 8x8 ft and 20-40 ft long. This may not sound like a whole lot of space, so architects and home designers are using these containers to create a new type of home.

Some incredible shipping container 365betballs.


的se shipping containers are stacked vertically to create a four different floors. Pieter Peelings and Silvia Mertens are two talented architects who have designed these compact living container homes.

Each one of the four rooms serves a specific function and purpose. Just as in a normal built home.

Starting from the bottom up.

  1. 的 first floor is a workspace
  2. 的 second floor is a kitchen and dining room area
  3. 的 third floor is a living room
  4. 的 fourth floor is a bed and bathroom

的re is a spiral staircase that goes through the four floors from the bottom office all the way up to the bedroom.

的 design might not look very convenient, but the amount of saving in cost of living and the landscape for some is definitely worth it.

This beautiful home appears to be built from high cube shipping containers.


的 urban space container system makes the most use of space by sticking to the original design of shipping container - stacking them

This type of unit can be used for homes, apartments, office and work spaces.

By simply bolting the containers together you create a larger usable space. This design is already being used all around the world by:

  1. 青年中心.
  2. 教室.
  3. 艺术工作室.
  4. 零售空间.


This is an incredibly affordable modular container home that is designed for customization.

This is the type of space that designers would like for their investors to be able to customize aspects that they may want to change from the original design.

This type of home is built to store and retain heat and conserve energy. Some designs may even include a balcony and interior customization.

Your shipping container home delivered to your property in one piece ready for you and your family.

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Portable Tiny Cargo Container 365betball

Another perfect design for a single shipping container "排箱" home, this one is called Port-a-bach.

A portable, peaceful retreat like design to have low-impact on the surrounding landscape.

This unit can either be placed on site by helicopter or delivery truck, then it connects simply to local utilities.

Smart and Interesting residence unfolds to sleep two adults and two children and of course has a bathroom and kitchen and storage space too.

Espace Container365betball

Energy efficiency is a huge deal these days, if you're one who is interested in eco friendly options, 我们找到了适合你的.

This container home is a way from the efficient homeowner to get away from crazy things in the world. It is easily transported and includes a secure lock safe for when being moved into remote areas.

的 power in this home is derived from and 80-watt solar panel. 的 flooring is made from rubber which is made from recycled materials, such as used tires.

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